About Me

Hello! I’m Sophie, a Surrey-based, award-winning celebrant and web designer. ​

I’ve been working as an editor in one form or another for the past 12 years and have a real passion for the written word. My love of websites began in 2011 when I was employed as the Content Editor and subsequently eLearning Manager for The Royal College of Psychiatrists, building online learning modules, training a team of web editors and growing the website through varied forms of online marketing.

After leaving that job I decided to be my own boss and train as a celebrant… and I’ve never loved a job more. My celebrant business saw rapid growth in a very short space of time, reigniting my passion for web design and online marketing. And after hearing several tales of confusion and trepidation from fellow celebrants at the prospect of setting up a website, I realised I could be of help. So I now combine creating ceremonies with creating websites!

I have a particular love for outdoor ceremonies and in 2019 I was honoured to win the National Celebrant Award for ‘Influencing the Wider Profession’ for my work on outdoorceremonies.co.uk – a website I designed and built up from scratch to promote outdoor ceremony venues, suppliers, and of course celebrants!

Now every day is an adventure and I just love every aspect of my work. I particularly love hearing from new celebrants (or established ones in need of a change), so I’m excited to hear from you and hopefully work with you to build your perfect website.

Why Work With Me?

First of all because… I’m a celebrant! Unlike most web designers, I GET this market.


Secondly because my philosophy is that I’m not working for you, but with you. You won’t just be a client; you will be a fellow celebrant who I sincerely want to become a success. I want to shape your website around YOU – your style, personality and the kind of customer that you want to attract. And ultimately I want to hand back the control to you so that you can edit your website any time you like. That’s why I also provide full training and support to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you’ll need for the future.  


Thirdly, because it’s not just a beautiful website you'll get – it's a fully functioning one that will get you found online and put you well and truly on the celebrant map!


Let's Chat!

Grab a coffee break and give me a call... or send me an email! I look forward to hearing from you.

Tel:  07730 569 143

Email:  sophie@truepromiseceremonies.com

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